Light + Nine Black/Neon Round Pencil Pouch

Arriving 8/15

Totally unique school must haves! All of our Light + Nine products can be customized with their gibets ( nimix) kits.  We have several graphics and lettering too so she can create her own unique look!

Key features: + all l+n products are made from eva/silicone compound + all l+n products are made with perforated material specifically designed to be embellished with diy nimix. Our nimix patches fit perfectly into these holes with a twist-on cap to secure it in the back. + fits in all of our backpacks + fits all your school supplies and accessories + get the complete look with our matching pencil pouch + contents: material: eva / silicone + recommended age: 2+ yrs + recommended use: pencil pouch / accessories holder + care: wipe clean with a damp cloth, or sterilized wipe

Dimensions: 10″ x 4″ x 3″